Understanding Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States affecting 16.1 million (6.7%) of the adult US population

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A little over 1 in 10 adolescents are affected by depression, or about 12.5%.

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In other words, if you were in a high school of 400 students, 50 of your classmates would suffer from depression. (additional article)

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This is reflected in children as a whole, with anxiety disorders affecting about 1 in 8 children.

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Depression can arise in children as young as 2 or 3

Globally over 300 million people suffer from depression

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Depression is characterized by negative thoughts and/or the lack of positive thoughts

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Though common, there is still a great perceived stigma concerning mental health disorders. Mental health is unseen and often left unnoticed and/or not discussed.

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Only 25% of individuals with mental health symptoms believe that others are sympathetic to mental illness.

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In other words, Three quarters of those who suffer from mental illness, believe that they are not understood. This perceived stigma can prevent individuals from seeking help and treating their illnesses.