When you have depression, or think you may have depression, you should seek professional help. Talk to your doctor to find mental health help.

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(In addition to professional help.) Many studies and health professionals have pointed towards exercise as a mental health booster.

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The Monoamine Hypothesis, a possible explanation for this phenomenon, states that exercise increases the brain's access to neurotransmitters.

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Clinically depressed individuals are often low in neurotransmitters.What is a monoamine?

Many of us know the Endorphin Hypothesis, that states that exercise increases endorphins and endorphins make you happy.

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The Distraction Hypothesis states that exercise can distract individuals from depressive thoughts.

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In a study of patients with major depression, comparing just exercise, just antidepressant drugs, or exercise & drugs, 60%–70% of patients saw significant improvements.

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Along the principles of the Distract Theory described above keeping active physically and mentally can be largely beneficial. Activities such as gardening, meditation, walking, reading, spending time with a pet, volunteering, and more can all help to improve cognitive mood.

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In two studies conducted on groups of women at risk for depression, positive cognitive therapy, via positive affirmations and mindfulness techniques, helped to decrease depressive thoughts. (additional article)


Just getting outside, getting fresh air, and sunshine can improve your mood. Almost 50% of the world population suffers from Vitamin D insufficiency, a vitamin many link with improving depression. Sunshine is the bodies main source of Vitamin D.

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